The Vision and Strategy of World Mission University

World Mission University was founded by Reverend Dong Sun Lim on his firm determination and belief that “The Global Village is My Ranch”. There was no place too far or remote to take the message of the gospel. Founder Dong Sun Lim was a life-long missionary who had a passion to take the message of the gospel to the ends of the world. Founder Dong Sun Lim’s desire was to raise up Christian leaders with a strong desire to expand the kingdom of God. World Mission University was established to train pastors, missionaries and lay leaders to impact the world for Christ.

Founder Lim’s vision was to establish a quality educational institution both academically and spiritually.

“The reason I founded this school was to train faithful pastors, passionate missionaries, and lay leaders. What I dream for this school will not be achieved overnight. My hope and prayer is that World Mission University would become a Korean Harvard, a Korean Yale, and a Korean Princeton in the near future”. (Dong Sun Lim, Retrospect and Prospect, 2000).

Through a shared and united vision for the school, the leadership of World Mission University stands committed to realize/expand the vision that founder Dong Sun Lim had for the institution and what God has in store for our future.


The Strategic Goals for 2020

1) Expand Student Recruitment

With the rapid growth of the Christian population in China, it is critical to train Chinese Christian leaders. World Mission University seeks to develop educational programs to train and equip both Chinese leaders as well as those who desire to go to China as missionaries.

World Mission University seeks to expand on the relationships in Central America as well and plans to make a focused recruiting plans go train and equip Christian leaders as well as train and equip students who desire to go to Central American nations as missionaries.


2) Launch Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Program

The leadership of World Mission University is always seeking ways to expand its reach and influence. We believe that establishing a Bachelor of Arts in Nursing program will provide an opportunity to raise up men and women who desire to serve the Lord on the mission field or make an impact for Christ in whatever context that they work.

We believe that a critical way to better reach the world for Christ we need more mission minded professionals in all facets of work and profession. The institution recognizes that as we broaden our educational offerings beyond our core of bible and theology, we must also expand our accreditation affiliation and membership. We stand ready and committed to pursue such accreditation membership that will enable us to develop and expand our programs.


3) Expand Advanced Degree Programs and Faculty Research

In our effort to mature as an educational institution we plan to launch a Doctor of Church Music program beginning fall 2017. In the near future we plan to expand our advanced degree programs to include the Doctor of Christian Counseling and a Ph.D. in Practical Theology.

World Mission University believes that through the expansion of advance degrees, the institution can recruit highly qualified faculty with strong background in research.

World Mission University also will encourage our faculty to contribute to their field of specialty, through research and publication of journals and books. We strive to encourage and support our faculty to research and publish by providing a reduction in number of courses they teach, grant research and study opportunities, etc.
4) Expand Online Programs and Orange County Campus

World Mission University offers all of its Master’s degree programs through online courses and we have begun the process of offering all of it undergraduate programs online. Our goal is to eventually offer all of our undergraduate programs online.

With the expansion of online degree programs, we plan to expand our electronic learning resources, such as e-library, e-journals to support our online learners.

Our branch campus in Orange County currently offers just the Master’s in Christian Counseling program. To better serve our constituencies and expand the reach/influence of World Mission University into Orange County and beyond, we plan/seek to expand our Orange County Campus to accommodate more students.

Beyond Orange County, we desire to expand branch campuses in other regions as well as Jeju Island in S. Korea and Japan.


5) Collaboration with SOMA University and Northwest Baptist Seminary

World Mission University remains committed to become a top quality educational institution therefore, it is critical that we develop educational models that equip students to make an impact for Christ.

Through corroboration with SOMA University and Northwest Baptist Seminary, our desire is to explore/examine the cultural and educational environment, sharing and identifying best practices.

For the graduate degree program in ministry, we will incorporate competency based education in order to train ministers who will be able to carry out actual ministries in their respective fields. We are also developing a new model for the Doctor of Ministry program that is practical and can train men and women for ministry with SOMA University.