World Mission University has been developing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, RN to BSN Completion Program and plans to launch the program in Fall, 2019. The proposed RN to BSN program is designed as an academic progression model for current students in Associate degree in nursing programs and practicing registered nurses to advance their educational preparation to the Bachelor of Science level. The RN to BSN program requires completion of 36 credits of nursing courses and biblical courses. Students will complete the entire program on the University’s main campus in Koreatown Los Angeles in the traditional classroom setting or online education. Admissions to the program will begin in Fall Semester, 2019. The proposed program is geared primarily for working registered nurses who are seeking professional improvement and advancement. Most of our students will be adult learners studying on a part-time basis and will normally complete the program over a period of 18 months (3 semesters).



The proposed program requires 36 quarter credits of nursing education including nursing practicum.


Admission Criteria

  • This program is open to applicants who have earned one of the following;

1) An Associate of Science in Nursing degree

2) An RN license in U.S.

  • All applicants for the proposed RN-BSN program will be required a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, completion of Associate Degree in Nursing from an accredited nursing program, and an unencumbered RN license.



The curriculum is based on the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education identified by American Association of Colleges of Nursing and the academic progression model of the National League of Nursing with application of Competencies for Graduates of Baccalaureate Programs.


The University offers a range of student services, including admissions, registration, financial aid, academic advising, international student advising, technological support, and personal and spiritual counseling. Since the proposed program will be based in the main campus, nursing students will have direct access to all these begins on Aug 26th.  The curriculum will be offered each semester so that students could complete the entire program in three semesters or 18 months as follows.


  • Transcultural and Global Health Issues in Nursing Practice
  • Biblical Perspectives for Health Care
  • Communications / Informatics in Nursing Practice
  • Spiritual Formation and the Profession of Care
  • Principles of Patho-Physiology
  • Ethics and Issues in Health Care
  • Leadership & Clinical Management with Practicum
  • Health Policy and Finance
  • Public and Community Health Nursing Practicum


*The Bible and General Education requirement may result in a longer degree program for students who do not transfer in those credits. Those who do not enough credits will be allowed to complete the requirements during their program at the University.


Curriculum Program Strategies 

In order to achieve this purpose, the program pursues these strategies:

  1. Provide high quality, student-centered learning environments such as 1:1 student faculty mentor support system
  2. Incorporate evidence-based care and the use of clinical reasoning.
  3. Support spiritual, intellectual, and professional development of students.
  4. Foster collaboration with healthcare stakeholders in the local and global communities.
  5. Access to broaden library resources including digital journals
  6. Provide financial aid counseling and various scholarships
  7. Flexible schedule for part time working RNs


Financial Information in Nursing Programs 

admission fee(nonrefundable) $300
Tuition $350/credit
Total Tuition(18 months) $12,600
Student Activity Fee $60
Total $12,960
Extra fees can be applied.



LA campus : 500 Shatto Pl. LA CA 90020

Tel : 213-388-1000

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