General Description and Program Goals

The MA in Theology (MAT) degree is a two-year graduate theological program covering a range of biblical theology. The MAT program provides a strong biblical foundation for Christians living out their faith in any setting. This program concentrates on the studies of the Bible and will help students have the right theology, faith, and biblical world view.

This program is designed primarily for devoted lay people who desire training to serve as a Bible teaching leader. They will be able to cultivate their personal calling from God in order to serve their church or parachurch organization with the word of God.

This program is also recommended for pastors and missionaries (along with their spouses) who are already working in the field. They will be able to redefine the theological knowledge acquired before and systematize the contents of the Bible in new viewpoints.

The degree program requires 48 semester credits. As many as 24 semester credits of graduate work may be transferred from another institution.

The goal of the Master of Arts in Theology program is to prepare individuals for being a ‘committed Bible teacher’ who can handle accurately the word of truth (2Tim 2:15).


Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this degree, students will be able to:


  1. Comprehend fully the word of God when reading the Bible in its entirety (Comprehensive Reading).
  2. Identify historical, cultural, literal and canonical knowledge of each book from the Bible (Interpretation).
  3. Demonstrate personal and spiritual maturity expressed in devotion to God, the truth, and to others (Application).
  4. Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the whole Bible with an overall theological perception (Integration).
  5. Become a ‘committed Bible teacher’ who can handle accurately the word of truth (Professional Serving).


Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the Master of Arts in Theology program the student is required to have completed a minimum of 48 semester credits with a 2.5 GPA or above. At least 24 credits must be completed at World Mission University.


Course Titles and Level

All courses at the Masters level are numbered 500 – 699. Course descriptions are provided in this catalog.


Degree Requirements: 48 credits