MAWS is accredited by ABHE. WMU has petitioned the ATS Board of Commissioners for approval of the MAWS.


General Description and Program Goals

The Master of Arts in Worship Studies degree is a two-year program designed to provide opportunities for advanced study in Worship Ministries so that graduates may use their worship talents to serve the Church and the world. Graduates will be qualified to serve as worship leader, worship pastor, worship instructors, and performers. The M.A. in Worship Studies program requires 48 semester credits. As many as 22 semester credits of graduate work may be transferred from another institution.


The goals of the Master of Arts in Music program are that students will be equipped:

  • To prepare students for leadership in church worship ministries; and
  • To equip students with excellent performing worship leading & worship ministry.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this degree, students will be able to:

  • Integrate Bible/theology and worship theology & historical worship;
  • Exhibit a substantial and growing spiritual and personal maturity as a worship pastor & worship leader;
  • Demonstrate practical performance skills in worship leading, worship & praise ministry, musical instrument;
  • Demonstrate ability to influence and lead others in church worship ministry;
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of the Biblical Foundations and Historical Development of Christian Worship
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of the contents, forms, and styles of worship are enlivened through worship design and the expression of the worship arts.


Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the Master of Arts in Worship Studies program, the student is required to have completed a minimum of 48 semester credits of course work with a 2.5 GPA or above. At least 22 credits must be completed at World Mission University.


Course Titles and Level

All courses at the Master level are numbered 500 – 699. Course descriptions are provided in this catalog.


Degree Requirements (48 Credits)

The M.A. in Worship Studies requires 48 semester credits of course work comprised of 9 semester credits of Biblical/Theological studies and 3 semester credits of Practices of Ministry studies and 4 credits of field education, and 32 semester credits of Professional Studies.